Put Down the Pool Skimmer. Call a Professional.

Get help from our pool cleaners in Rockledge, Merritt Island, FL & surrounding areas

It's a hot Florida day and you're ready to take a dip in the pool. You throw on your swimsuit, head outside and then realize your pool is full of dead bugs and leaves. You don't want to spend ages cleaning every time you want to enjoy your swimming pool. Luckily, the pool cleaners at Incredipools, LLC can keep your pool debris-free.

We provide pool cleaning services for residential clients in the Rockledge & Merritt Island, FL area. You can ask us to come weekly or monthly to clean your pool.

Call 321-794-3448 now to make an appointment with our pool cleaners.

What's included in our pool maintenance services?

You can count on Incredipools for swimming pool maintenance services. During your maintenance appointments, we will:

  • Fish out floating debris with a net
  • Brush your waterline tiles, steps and walls
  • Vacuum the pool and spa
  • Empty the skimmer and pump strainer baskets
  • Check and adjust the pool chemicals
  • Remove and clean your cartridge filters
  • Backwash your DE filter
  • Remove any stains

We'll also examine your pool equipment and report problems that need to be fixed. Get in touch with us today at 321-794-3448 to get more information about our swimming pool maintenance services.