Incredipools FAQ

1. In addition to your Pool Cleaning service, do you also provide maintenance services for the pool?
Yes we do! Aside from cleaning your pool, we'll check the filters, equipment, and chemical levels to ensure that everything looks good. We provide weekly and monthly maintenance options!

2. Are you certified?
We're a proud Certified Pool Operator (CPO).

3. What is included in your Pool Maintenance services?

During your maintenance appointments, we will:

-Fish out floating debris with a net
-Brush your waterline tiles, steps and walls
-Vacuum the pool and spa
-Empty the skimmer and pump strainer baskets
-Check and adjust the pool chemicals
-Remove and clean your cartridge filters
-Backwash your DE filter
-Remove any stains

4. Can you help me with my faulty pool equipment?
Yes we can! We'll examine your pool equipment and report problems that need to be fixed. Get in touch with us today at (321) 794-3448.

5. Do you offer any discounts?
We're known for our competitive pricing and we also offer free estimates. Call today!